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Road Network

Sri City has well-laid and robust internal road network of over 50 km. All roads are in accordance to IRC standards, and are categorised as arterial, primary, secondary, and tertiary roads as follows:

  • Arterial Roads: 68 Metre Width, 6 Lanes + 2 Service Lanes
  • Primary Roads: 31 & 43 Metre Widths, 4 Lanes + Service Lanes
  • Secondary Roads: 24 & 18 Metre Widths, 2 Lanes with Shoulder
  • Tertiary Roads: 12 Metre Width, 2 Lanes


Sri City has been granted uninterrupted dedicated power by the Government of Andhra Pradesh, ensuring 24 x 7 power for all the units. There is currently an internal substation of 33/11 kV, with another dedicated substation being built. Adding to the grid power is Sri City’s 8 MW solar power plant, all of which combines to ensure stable and reliable power to Sri City’s units.

Water Supply & Treatment Plant

Sri City distributes potable waterto all the units through its internal water treatment planton a 24 x 7 basis. With an allocation of 1 TMCFT of water from the Government of Andhra Pradesh and armed with efficient rainwater harvesting system, Sri City has copious water resources for its current and future needs.

Sewage Treatment Plant

Through the underground sewage network, all the waste collected from industrial, commercial and residential units are transported to the Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) of 47 MLD capacity, where it is recycled and used for horticulture, landscaping and toilet flushing.

The sewer line network is designed as per the IS and EU standards. With the help of parallel recycled-water distribution networks the treated water is supplied back to customers for designated usages.


Sri City has both wireless and wired fibre optic network for voice and data connectivity. The telecommunications infrastructure has been built and is maintained by major national telecom companies like Airtel, Aircel, Reliance, Railtel, Vodafone, TATA and Aircel. A dedicated telephone exchange for Sri City has been proposed, and is currently being assessed for feasibility. All the telecommunication facilities like data transferring, voice mailing, ISDN, video conferencing, etc are available at Sri City.

Storm Water Drainage

The storm water drainage network runs along all roads that border customer units, enabling efficient drainage and discharge of rainwater. The water passes through rainwater harvesting pits before the surplus water empties into storm water drains/creeks. The capacity and coverage of the system has been designed taking into account the past 50 years’ rainfall data. Provision for rain water harvesting is built-in for all the edifices in Sri City for optimum water usage.