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Dr. Ravindra Sannareddy

Founder, Managing Director of Sri City

Dr. Ravindra Sannareddy, is a highly accomplished figure in the industry and has led Sri City to be one of India’s most coveted business destinations and a prominent business hub in Asia. With its world-classinfrastructure and global outlook, Sri City has drawn more than 220 international companies from all over the world, with the largest concentration coming from Japan. Sri City has been recognised for its outstanding infrastructure, sustainability efforts, and corporate social responsibility initiatives, making it a global hub for business.

A Masters in Water Resources Management & Environmental Engineering from prominent American Universities, Dr. Sannareddy has nearly 20 years of experience in leading businesses at a global level.

As a son of the soil, he puts admirable efforts to foster education, healthcare, social infrastructure, and employment opportunities in the region. Sri City has made a positive impact on the local community, benefiting over 52,000 people, empowering women, and enhancing socio-economic standards. In addition to holding several honours for his inspirational leadership, Dr. Sannareddy actively participates in the boards of numerous professional, business, and philanthropic associations.