Kobelco India’s First Direct Train Shipment of Excavators from Tada Railway Station

Sri City, May 20, 2024: In a first for the region, the Sri City based Kobelco India shipped a major consignment of excavators to Jaipur, Rajasthan on train on Monday. The shipment, comprising 35 excavators, marked the first-ever direct train shipment of “Made @ Sri City” industrial products from Tada railway station.

Annotating on the shipment, a Kobelco representative emphasised the growing demand for rail transportation to northern India, and said, “We opted for this service to transport our excavators and other large machinery due to cost savings of up to 20%. Additionally, this mode of shipping helps reduce carbon emissions compared to road transport via individual trucks. This aligns with our ‘Go Green Initiative’.

Emphasising the advantages of using Tada’s rail shipment services Dr. Ravindra Sannareddy, Founder Managing Director said, “We have been advocating for improved cargo handling facilities, a container zone, and enhanced infrastructure at Tada station. This will make it more convenient for businesses to ship their products, while also providing substantial business opportunities for the railway department.”

“These enhancements collectively lead to a more streamlined and cost-effective logistics process for industries in Sri City and neighbouring industrial hubs,” Dr. Sannareddy remarked.

Shipping from Tada railway station presents several benefits for industries in Sri City, including its proximity to the industrial hub, which cuts transportation costs to the railhead. The short distance allows for quick and efficient cargo transfer, reducing turnaround time and improving supply chain efficiency. The station’s connectivity to major Indian cities and ports further enhances market reach for Sri City industries.