Sri City’s Model Industrial Hub Impresses IAS Trainees

Sri City, June 26, 2024: A six-member team of Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officers (Assistant Collector Under Training) of the 2023 batch visited Sri City on Wednesday as part of their AP Darshan programme. Dr. Ravindra Sannareddy, Founder Managing Director of Sri City, warmly welcomed the trainees.

In a discussion with the visitors, Dr. Sannareddy remarked that Sri City has become a premier world-class business destination by harmonising industrial growth, environmental sustainability, and social responsibility. He highlighted how Sri City has successfully transformed the local agrarian economy into an industrial powerhouse with significant local community involvement. He provided an in-depth presentation on the development journey of the mega industrial park, the challenges encountered, the standout features of its world-class infrastructure, and the progress made thus far.

Dr. Sannareddy expressed his pride in the city’s recognition as a reference model, stating, “We feel honoured that our project implementation model is being referenced and studied by technocrats, administrators, and planners across the country, and we are delighted to share our experiences with them.”

Sri City’s meticulous planning, robust infrastructure, and commitment to sustainable development captivated the visiting officials, providing valuable insights into its success as a model industrial hub. They were particularly impressed by the business-friendly environment and world-class infrastructure. Thanking the Sri City MD, the team leader remarked that Sri City is a marvel, with flawless planning and execution, creating an ideal ecosystem for both businesses and residents.

They all engaged in a dynamic discussion with Sri City officials, exploring various aspects of the city’s operations. Their tour included a visit to the mega-industrial park, where they observed the bustling activities at Daikin plant. This visit highlights Sri City’s growing reputation as a benchmark for sustainable urban development and its influential role in shaping India’s economic future.