Top officials of Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor Development Corporation visit Sri City

Sri City, January 20, 2016:- Mr. Alkesh Kumar Sharma, IAS, CEO & Managing Director of Delhi – Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC) Development Corporation Limited, accompanied by Mr. Abhishek Chaudhary, Vice President, Corporate affairs & Company Secretary, DMIC visited Sri City on Wednesday. Mr. Ravindra Sannareddy, Managing
Director, Sri City extended a warm welcome and briefed them on the infrastructure and the unique features of Sri City. Sharing the experiences faced by him as developer, he mentioned some of the challenges faced and solutions adopted during the initial phase of development.

Exhilarated at the clear vision, perfect planning and meticulous implementation of Sri City Project, Mr. Sharma said that he looks forward for frequent interaction with Sri City for learning from its experience.

Stating that Sri City stands as a bright example for a large industrial infrastructure development project, Mr. Sharma told, “With smart infrastructure components it is developing in a sustained manner. It is very impressive to note that Sri City is transforming the agrarian economy of the area into an industrial economy with active participation of the local community.”

Commenting on the visit Mr. Ravindra Sannareddy said,”I feel honoured as Sri City Project implementation model is being referred and studied by the national prestigious infrastructure project like DMIC. We would be happy to share our experiences for use in such large projects.”

DMIC Development Corporation, a 100 billion USD government-sponsored infrastructure project, is India’s most ambitious Infrastructure programme aiming to develop new industrial cities as ‘Smart Cities’ and converging next generation technologies across infrastructure sectors. When the Project gets completed, it will be the world’s largest infrastructural project, with 24 smart cities, 23 industrial hubs, six airports, two ports and a six-lane expressway stretching 1,500 kilometres.