A.P. Vigilance & Enforcement Committee reviews fire safety in Sri City industries

Sri City, July 27, 2023: A two member senior level committee consisting of  Dr. A. Ravi Shankar, IPS., Director General, Andhra Pradesh Vigilance & Enforcement, Vijayawada and Mr. B. Satya Yesubabu, IPS., Superintendent of Police (Intelligence) visited Sri City on Thursday. Dr. Ravindra Sannareddy,  Founder Managing Director, Sri City extended a warm welcome to the guests. Mr. M. Bhupal Reddy, Regional Fire Officer and Mr. J. Ramanaiah, District Chief Fire Officer were also present.


The committee visited the vital installations of different industrial units and reviewed the fire safety measures in vogue, and noted the particulars of ground situation. They had an interactive meeting with the safety managers of the industrial units.

Appreciating the initiative of Dr. Ravindra Sannareddy in convening the meeting,  Dr. Ravi Shankar explained the very intent of their visit. He said,”In order to address and mitigate the industrial accidents caused by fire, Government wants to share best industry practices and recommend various preventive measures to make the work place safe and secure. As part of this effort, we want to interact with different industries, study the issues and take suggestions and feedback. Based on our study, suitable measures for Fire Prevention and Safety will be recommended for better comprehension on the Standards of Procedure (SOP) to be implemented.” He requested all the participants to actively take part in the interactive meeting with the committee.

Mr. Satya Yesubabu said that the feedback and suggestions from industry will help in framing the norms and SOP related to fire safety robustly. This will definitely enable the state in maintaining the top rank in ‘ease of doing business’, he mentioned.

Dr. Ravindra Sannareddy thanked the committee for the proactive initiative for enhancing fire safety measures in industries in the state, which speaks of the AP government’s priority to improve ease of doing business. “Sri City industrial fraternity has been complying with the recommended fire safety, and I convey my appreciation to all the safety experts for noting the areas where simplification of procedure can be considered without compromising on fire safety,” he added.

Some of the safety managers brought specific issues to the attention of committee, and there was a discussion on all the points raised, including training of personnel on fire safety.