Ambassador of India to Japan Commends Sri City’s Investment Potential

Sri City, April 28, 2024: Mr. Sibi George, India’s Ambassador to Japan, made a brief visit to Sri City. Mr. R. Shivashankar, Senior Vice President (Marketing), Sri City, warmly greeted the Ambassador and provided a detailed overview of the unique features and rapid progress of the business city.

He highlighted Sri City’s strong infrastructure, favourable business environment, and remarkable growth, which continue to attract global investors from various industries. “Presently, Sri City accommodates 220 companies representing 30 nations, with Japanese enterprises comprising a substantial portion, making it the second-largest Japanese Industrial Township (JIT) in India. Moreover, the thriving Japanese expatriate community, currently totalling around 220 individuals, underscores our commitment to fostering cultural integration and bolstering infrastructure to attract and nurture Japanese investment,” he added.

Impressed by Sri City’s top-notch industrial infrastructure and very well designed social infrastructure, Mr. Sibi George affirmed its status as a premier business destination in the country. He emphasised the positive impact of the JIT’s development, leading to the growth of amenities tailored to Japanese expats. Noting that several of the existing industrial units have gone for plant expansion, he appreciated the ecosystem established for different manufacturing sectors. He affirmed his commitment to a mission-driven strategy focused on enhancing Japan’s footprint in the Indian business arena and enticing greater investments from Japan. He pledged to actively advocate for Sri City’s capabilities to Japanese investors. He recommended that marketing teams from Sri City make regular visits to Japan to highlight its distinct offerings, particularly focusing on the Japanese Industrial Township (JIT).

Reflecting on the visit, Dr. Ravindra Sannareddy, Founder Managing Director of Sri City, expressed gratitude for the Ambassador’s visit, anticipating that his insights and recommendations would help attract more investments. He looked forward to leveraging the Ambassador’s support to further boost investment from Japan.

During his visit, the Ambassador toured the industrial areas, including the production facilities of prominent Japanese companies such as Panasonic and Daikin. He also had discussions over lunch with the CEOs of all Japanese companies based in Sri City.