Faculty and Students delegation from University of Gottingen visits Sri City

Sri City, October 19, 2023:- A 35 member delegation of faculty and students from the University of Gottingen, led by Prof. Sabastin visited Sri City on Thursday. The visit included an interactive session at the Business Centre, where Dr. Ravindra Sannareddy, Founder Managing Director, Sri City highlighted Sri City’s unique features, focusing on sustainability initiatives. ”We aimed to balance industrial growth with environmental preservation, enabling the park to operate while protecting the ecology. Also, we aim to become one of the best carbon-neutral manufacturing zones in the country,” he said. Sannareddy also discussed the city’s skill development initiatives for turning the local youth employable, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme and its impact on the overall development in surrounding economically disadvantaged region. Mr. Sannareddy responded to a query by saying that Sri City supports international student internships.

The delegation visited the Krea University that employs an Interwoven Learning methodology to offer degrees to its students. They had a interactive session with Prof. Nirmala Rao, the Vice Chancellor, Ms. SHARON BUTEAU, Executive Director, IFMR/Krea University, other faculty members and students.

The purpose of the visit was to understand Sri City’s industrial growth, sustainability efforts, and their impact on the local economy. They were all impressed with Sri City Project’s world-class infrastructure, thorough commitment to environmental measures, and well-planned CSR activities targeted at the region’s overall development, including women empowerment.

The delegation visited Thondur Society Village, and met the staff and children of Anganwadi Centre and Primary School, and interacted with the local Self Help Groups focused on women’s empowerment. They also visited the Chinna Pandur Primary Health Centre to speak with doctors and patients.