German consul General-Biomethanation plant Inauguration

Sri City, March 25, 2021: Ms. Karin Stoll, Consul General, German Consulate in Chennai inaugurated a biomethanation plant in Sri City on Thursday in the presence of Mr. Ravindra Sannareddy, Founder Managing Director, Sri City and a host of senior managers.

The plant was designed and installed by a German company Kankyo Bert Pvt., Ltd., using Indian engineering. Mr. Thomas Doray, President of the company briefly explained how the plant works.

Speaking on the occasion Ms. Karin Stoll said,”It is a wonderful German technology blended with Indian engineering, that processes organic waste for producing biogas on a very cost effective way. I am very glad to note that Sri City set up the plant, which is very first of its kind, as part of its sustainability initiatives.”

Mr. Ravindra Sannareddy said,”We have built Sri City with an aim to develop it as a clean, green, breathe-easy environment, on the concept of ‘to work and live’, and as part of sustainability initiatives towards maintaining ‘IGBC’s Gold green certification’, we have set up this plant. We scale up the plant with higher capacity in due course.”

The plant is located adjacent to the Govinda centralised kitchen, that produces and distributes breakfast and lunch on large scale to industrial units will use the biogas for cooking purposes. Also, it sends the kitchen waste and food waste to plant. Working on biomethanation method, the plant converts the organic waste in anaerobic conditions to produce a mixture of gases, mainly constituting of methane.

In its present version, the plant will produce about 120 kg/day of biogas, which in turn coverts to 5 kWh of power from 1.5 tonnes of kitchen waste and food waste. It can be expanded to higher capacities in a phased manner. While the biogas produced from the waste is used to generate power, the slurry can be turned into compost that can be used as organic manure. It creates no air or water pollution, promotes collection and use of segregated biodegradable (wet) waste as mandated, and returns nutrients to soil to restore fertility. The gas generated will be utilised for internal power requirements and as well as for safe cooking purposes.

On her arrival, Ms. Karin Stoll was extended a warm welcome by Mr.Ramesh Subramaniam, President, Sri City Foundation, She was given a briefing on the infrastructure, unique features and the brisk pace of development in Sri City. The Consul General evinced keen interest and inquired on different aspects of Sri City., particularly on skill development and women empowerment.