International Yoga Day observed in Sri City

Sri City, June 21, 2022:- On Tuesday, the Sri City community observed the 8th ‘International Yoga Day’ with great zeal and enthusiasm. Speaking to the attendees of the event, Mr. Jagadish Nayak, Sub Divisional Police Officer, Sri City, who took part in the programme remarked, “For everyone of us to maintain our health and happiness, yoga is essential. I therefore implore everyone to practice it for their own happiness and the benefit of society.”

Yoga master Mr. V. Chandra Sekhar of Pranava Institute of Yoga and Wellness in Nellore, along with Mr. K. Bhargava Krishna, directed the event and led surya namaskaraas, various breathing exercises and asanaas, emphasising the advantages of each.

Annotating on the occasion, Mr. Ravindra Sannareddy, Founder Managing Director, Sri City said, “Yoga is indeed a gift from India to the world as many people have taken the path of yoga to move towards a healthy and better lifestyle. It keeps both the mind and the body healthy and stress-free. I urge the Sri City community to spare time every day to practise yoga for better health and relationships, as well as more clarity of brain and creativity.”

The session, which began at 7 a.m., drew about 130 participants, including executives from Sri City and industrial units, students, and members of the general public. Mr. Sathish Kamath, President, Sri City, Mr. Madhubabu, Specified Officer, Mr. Rama Rao, Authorised Officer, Sri City SEZ, and Mr. Prasanna, MD, Rotolock Engineering Pvt. Ltd were among those who attended the event.  Mr. A. Sanyasi Rao, General Manager, Sri City coordinated the conduct of the event.