Jagriti G20-Startup20 Yatra team visits Sri City

Sri City, November 1, 2023 : In a bid to promote entrepreneurship among the youth, a large contingent of ‘Jagriti G20-Startup20 Yatra’ participants (yatris), comprising over 450 individuals from various parts of the country, and 70 delegates from the G20 nations, visited Sri City on Thursday. The Jagriti Yatra is an ambitious train journey that seeks to guide motivated young people on a nationwide quest to meet the country’s role models in social and business entrepreneurship.

Dr. Ravindra Sannareddy, Founder Managing Director of Sri City, welcomed the yatris and expressed his pleasure at their visit, highlighting Sri City’s role as a bustling business city contributing to India’s manufacturing ambitions and job creation. This visit marks the 6th Jagriti Yatra, and Dr. Sannareddy believes it will be a life-transforming experience for the participating youth, wishing them a prosperous future.

Mentioning that it is the ‘new face of India’, Dr. Sannareddy highlighted Sri City’s remarkable growth as one of the country’s premier corporate destinations and as one of the top ten manufacturing hubs in India, capable of attracting foreign investments. “With over 210 companies from 28 countries operating in Sri City, spanning various sectors like automotive, electronics, pharmaceuticals, and more, it has established itself as a hub for global manufacturing and the production of vital goods for the Indian economy. We have put in place a number of green measures to keep an environmentally friendly industrial ecosystem going, with the goal of becoming a carbon-neutral manufacturing zone and a strong commitment to sustainability,” he added.

The yatra facilitates interaction with some of the role models in social and business entrepreneurship across the country. In Sri City, they interacted with Dr. Ravindra Sannareddy, who was selected as a role model by Jagriti Sewa Sansthan. The yartris quizzed on different aspects and got their doubts clarified. Following the briefing session, all the participants of yatra went round the Business City and witnessed the available world-class industrial infrastructure. As evident from their feedback, they were thrilled about the large-scale, vibrant, environmentally sustainable industrial park and its job-generating potential.In small batches, the yatris visited the production units of EPack, Amber, Thermax, VRV-Chart Industries, Axxelent Pharma, ALF, ZTT, MMD, Triune Technofab, and Bergenpipe Support, and interacted with the respective managers.

Thanking Sri City MD for giving the opportunity, Mr. Ashutosh Kumar, CEO, Jagriti Yatra said,”Sri City serves as an exemplary illustration of a comprehensive business City, offering diverse prospects for investment. The extensive Industrial park is unmatched within the nation, leaving a profound impact on all the previous attendees of the Yatra since 2016.”

The 15-year-old Jagriti Yatra in India is a pioneering movement that focuses on national development through entrepreneurship. In collaboration with G20-Startup20, it offers participants exposure to global startup ecosystems, fostering insights into networking, inclusive enterprise, and women-led development, aligned with G20’s Delhi declaration. Supported by the State Bank of India and the Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI), the initiative features a 14-day, 8,000-km train journey promoting youth entrepreneurship. Since 2008, it has impacted over 7500 Indian and international youth from 23 countries, with a particular emphasis on the growth of Tier 2 and Tier 3 districts of India, known as Middle India, and the establishment of an entrepreneurial ecosystem.