Jagriti Yatra team visits Sri City

Sri City, December 29, 2018 : Participants of Jagriti Yatra, an ambitious train journey of discovery and transformation that takes hundreds of highly motivated youth, especially those from smaller towns and villages of the country, on a 15 day, 8000 km national odyssey to meet role models, social and business entrepreneurs of the country, arrived at Sri City on Saturday. On the arrival of a large contingent of 500 youngsters, of them half are women, from across the country, Sri City authorities extended a warm welcome and took them around the Integrated Business City.

The yatra facilitates interaction with some of the role models in social and business entrepreneurship across the country. In Sri City, besides interacting with Mr. Srini Raju, Chairman, Sri City, who was selected as a role model by  Jagriti Sewa Sansthan, they had the opportunity of meeting the CEOs of  some of the units.

Addressing the participants of the yatra Mr. Srini Raju, said,”It is a great pleasure to have the Jagriti Yatris in Sri City. In fact, this is their third consequtive visit to Sri City. The Yatra has a meaningful purpose, based on the idea of enterprise-led development, and I congratulate and wish all the Yatris a very prosperous future.”

Narrating his journey as an entrepreneur, Mr. Srini Raju  detailed the efforts that were put by him and his friend & partner Mr. Ravindra Sannareddy, who is the Managing Director, in establishing one of the largest integrated business cities in the country, viz., Sri City and bringing it to the present level. He advised the youngsters to ‘think big and achieve the set goals’ and utilise the available opportunities by drawing carefully a proper roadmap, by citing some of his experiences.

Thanking Managements of Sri City and other industrial units for giving the opportunity, Mr. Ashutosh, Executive Director, Jagriti Yatra explained about the mission of Jagriti Yatra and said, “It aims   to   inspire   youth   of   the   country   to   become   job   creators   and   develop   enterprise   solutions for   their   districts,   with the   spirit   which   Sri City captured   perfectly.”

The participants of yatra visited the production units of Bergen Pipe Supports, Kobelco Plate Processing, NHK Spring, MCNS, KGI Clothing, ALF  Engineering, Vital Packaging, Store-It Services and Vital Paper, and had close glimpses the activity. They witnessed the world-class infrastructure available for the industries and interacted with mangers and staff. At the end, there was a question & answers session in which doubts of the participants were clarified by the speakers.

Jagriti Yatra, which was launched in 2008, as a journey of social awakening, is being continued every year, and this year’s yatra is the 11th consecutive one.  The vision of Jagriti is ‘build India through enterprise’. It aims to inspire the young Indians to lead development by taking to an enterprise, thus unleashing a movement of Enterprise-led-development. Yatra facilitates meeting some of the role models in social and business entrepreneurship across the country. It covers about 8000 kms., across the length and breadth of India in 15 days, commenced from December 25th from Mumbai.  It covers 12 cities/towns/villages of India. During the journey, yatris will be exposed to an entrepreneurial ecosystem, comprising of 4-axes of learning: Panel Discussions, Role-model visits, Yatri interactions, and Biz Gyan Tree.