Japanese Business Delegation explores business potential in Sri City

Sri City, November 21, 2023: – A business delegation consisting of 25 members, representing prominent Japanese corporations and business entities in different sectors, visited Sri City. The mission was organised by Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, a prominent publishing conglomerate in Japan. Beginning on Monday, the visit lasted for two days. The delegation was led by Mr. Masanori Nakano, Former Ambassador of Japan to Jamaica, and Mr. Imizu Haruhiro, President, Nikkan Kogyo Shinbun

Dr. Ravindra Sannareddy, Founder and Managing Director of Sri City, appreciated the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun for coordinating the visit and recalled an earlier visit in October 2017. He mentioned,”Impressed with the unique advantages of this park, the THK CEO, who was a part of that delegation decided to set up the unit here. It is a strange coincidence that your visit synchronised with the inauguration of the THK unit.”

Highlighting the distinctive advantages and features of Sri City, he said,”Investors across the world, particularly the Japanese companies are preferring Sri City due to its unique features and resources. It emerged as the second largest township for Japanese companies in the country. The resources, networks, and expertise of Nikkan Kogyo would certainly introduce the unique characteristics of Sri City to the prospective Japanese investors.

Mr. Masanori Nakano, who previously served as the Consul General of Japan in Chennai, recalled his last visit to Sri City, saying, “I am very happy to see Sri City developed multifold, and it will be my pleasure to introduce and recommend Sri City to more and more prospective Japanese companies.”

CEOs from several of the Sri City-based Japanese businesses met with the delegation and provided favourable comments on the business-friendly attitude of the Government of AP and Sri City.

Their mission was to become acquainted with Sri City’s world-class infrastructure, appraise its business potential, and seek investment options. During the briefing, they all showed significant attention and inquired on different aspects of Sri City. They toured the industrial park, visiting the factories of Nippon Express, AOTS, THK, and Aisan. The delegation included top executives from companies such as Laplace, Totsukajuryo, Mitani, Sanritsu Machine Industry, Nambu, Nihon Shinkan, and Visko, among others.

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