Sri City Felicitates Accomplished Individuals Across various Fields with Ugadi Awards

Sri City, April 27, 2024: At a ceremony on Saturday, Sri City’s Spiritual and Literary Forum ‘Srivani’ celebrated the achievements of four notable people in diverse literary and spiritual domains. Dr. Ravindra Sannareddy, Founder Managing Director, Sri City, conferred the Ugadi honours on the recipients. Mr. Saraswati Prasad, a distinguished classical singer associated with the Annamacharya Project, TTD, received recognition for his outstanding renditions of classical music, particularly the Annamacharya kirtanas. Mr. Yuvasri Murali, a teacher by profession, and a prominent Telugu writer, was felicitated for his excellence in Telugu literature. Mr. Gandham Basava Sankara Rao, a senior Bio-Chemist from Santa Biotech, Hyderabad, a renowned Spiritual Speaker & Researcher, received recognition for his profound study and promotion of the spiritual legacy of Annamayya and Matrusri Tarigonda Vengamamba. Additionally, Mr. A. Devarajan, a veteran journalist from Tirupati, was honoured for his extensive tenure in journalism, influential writing, and distinctive approach to news reporting.

Dr. Ravindra Sannareddy expressed his appreciation for the awardees and highlighted Srivani’s role in nurturing spiritual and literary pursuits within the Sri City community. He encouraged active participation in Srivaniā€™s monthly programmes, open to employees, housewives, students, and residents of Sri City.

All the awardees appreciated Dr. Ravindra Sannareddy for encouraging the spiritual and literary activities in the business city involving the community, and thanked him for selecting them for bestowing the awards.

A captivating classical music performance by musicians from the SV Music & Dance College, Tirupati, received applause for their skilful rendition. The musicians included Ms. Vadali Lakshmi (Flute), Mr. Samkirti Kumar (Violin), Mr. Krishnavamsi (Mrudamgam) and Mr. Divish Chand (Ghatam). Mr. Palleti Balaji, PRO, served as the master of ceremonies.

The event attracted a large audience, including notable attendees such as Mr. Paideswara Rao, Sri City Deputy Police Superintendent, and Mr. Bhaskar, Circle Inspector, as well as numerous employees, their families, and guests from Sullurupeta and Sriharikota.