Sri City observes World Environment Day

Sri City, June 5, 2022:-  Mr. Prasad Rao, Forest Range Officer, Satyavedu, speaking at the World Environment Day (WED) celebration in Sri City on Sunday, said that the ‘Day‘ is observed around the world to raise awareness about degrading environmental conditions and to encourage people to take positive environmental actions to help create a better future. He hailed Sri City’s environmental measures and asked residents to participate in plantation programmes.

Sri City, a ‘clean, green, breathe-easy’ industrial-urban agglomeration founded on the principles of ‘work, live, learn, and play,’ held World Environment Day (WED) celebration on its campus, with Mr. Prasad Rao as the special guest. The event was conducted by Mr. Madhusudana Reddy, Head of the Horticulture Department. The theme for this year’s celebration is ‘Only One Earth.’

“Earth is a home for different living species, and we all rely on the environment for food, air, water, and other essentials,” Mr. Ravindra Sannareddy, Founder Managing Director, Sri City, said in a message. “ However, various challenges have been altering our ecosystem and causing lasting damage to living beings during the last few decades. As a result, it becomes imperative for each individual to save, preserve, and support the environment. We have identified a certain area of land for developing green space to promote community awareness and encourage participation in our regular plantation efforts,” he added.

Briefing about the afforestation efforts in Sri City,  Mr. Madhusudana Reddy, Head,  Horticulture department, said,”In view of its merits, we have already gone for the Japanese ‘Miyawaki’ method of afforestation in six acres, where 56 different verities of native species are being grown. Currently we are adding four more acres for this purpose.”

In contrast to traditional planting procedures, the ‘Miyawaki’ technique allows for the planting of a larger number of trees in smaller spaces, as close together as possible, which not only saves space but also encourages the growth of the planted saplings. This also prevents weed development by blocking sunlight from reaching the ground. It helps in the reduction of temperature, air and noise pollution, and  attracts local birds and insects, and create carbon sinks.

Sri City is creating a pollinator park with specific nectar and pollen producing plants in two acres to attract over 100 species of butterflies, honeybees, birds, and insects in order to conserve various pollinator species (pollinators) and raise public awareness about the importance of conservation of these species. Sri City has implemented innovative green initiatives in order to achieve its objective of becoming a carbon-neutral industrial city. Nearly a million trees have been planted, and a large rainwater harvesting system has been put in place. Measures such as state-of-the-art managed sewage treatment plants and a solar plant that generates clean green energy to power all common facilities, including streetlights and traffic control systems, extensive use of electric vehicles, etc., ensure that the city moves closer to carbon neutrality.