Sri City takes up ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’ drive

Sri City, June 2, 2018:-  As part of the initiative to make Sri City clean, green and more sustainable, the Sri City community, in accordance with the call given by the United Nations Environment Programme,  took up the drive ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’, the theme for World Environment Day -2018, on Monday. A large number of employees, students and the general public of the neighbouring villages, enthusiastically took part in the event of cleaning the premises.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Satish Kamat, President (Operations), Sri City urged the community to reduce the excessive use of ‘single-use’ plastics and explore sustainable alternatives. He said, “Let’s pledge to end the use of single-use plastic, which has severe environmental consequences. If each and every one of us does at least one green good deed daily towards our Green Social Responsibility, there will be tremendous effect.”

To create awareness among the people, banners and display boards were erected  appealing the public  to consider how changes can be made in everyday lives to reduce the heavy burden of plastic pollution on the environment. On June 5, World Environment Day will be celebrated involving all industrial units.  Besides experts’ talks, prizes will be distributed to the winners of various commutations.