Students of Social Work visits Sri City

A team of postgraduate students of Social Work Department visited Sri City on Tuesday on study tour. Ravindra Sannareddy, Founder Managing Director, Sri City extended a warm welcome and gave them a presentation on how Sri City has become a game changer and transforming the face of the entire region.

Narrating the saga of the rapid transformation he said,”Sri City made a very positive impact on the surrounding rural region, which was known for its backwardness. A decade ago, people of this area hardly expected that their children would work in industries close to their villages. Today, the region stands as a testimony to the steady growth of industrial activity, taking a giant leap from traditional farming, because of Sri City. It created livelihood for over 50,000 people, 50 percent of which are women. We have active skill training programmes to train the youth. The is one of greatest successes, and we feel very proud of this.”

Stating that Sri City’s impact on the region manifests in the form of education, employment and over all socio-economic development, he said,”Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme aims to comprehensively develop the neighbourhoods focusing on improving vital social parameters like access to quality education, better health services, social infrastructure, livelihood options etc. Sri City supports 1200 children in all the Govt. Schools in the area. The results are 100 % pass in class 10 exams and the average pass percentage is also increasing each year.”

The team, comprising of around 80 students and three faculty members of Social Work department of Stella Maris College, Chennai was headed by Dr. Sr. Lourthu Mary. The other faculty members were K. Vijaya Lakshmi and Juliet Sylvia. The intent of the visit was to study the impact of Sri City’s CSR initiatives and the socio economic development taking place in the surrounding region because of ample job opportunities.

Thanking Sri City MD, for permitting the team for the study, Dr. Mary said that they were all highly impressed with Sri City’s CSR initiatives, and appreciated the efforts of creating ample jobs for the locals, particularly the women.

Following the interactive briefing session, they went round the industrial park and visited the production units of Kalimark and Vermerian.