Sustainability expert Dr. Sudhakar G. Reddy visits Sri City

Sri City, February 16, 2018: Dr. Sudhakar G. Reddy, Sustainability Expert, University of Michigan, USA visited Sri City on Friday, Mr. Ravindra Sannareddy, Founder Managing, Sri City extended a warm welcome and briefed him on the unique features of the integrated business city and its progress.

Dr. Sudhakar G Reddy, gave a talk on the initiatives and operational schemes of green chemistry and engineering through pollution prevention, waste minimisation and sustainability across the campus at the University of Michigan. He highlighted that those programmes have all emerged from the concept ‘R3’ – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Dr. Sudhakar G. Reddy, obtained his Ph.D. in mass spectrometry in 1980 from National Chemistry Laboratory, India. He held various positions in academia and private businesses and has several years of experience in green analytical chemistry and developed several ‘green’ methods in analyses of priority pollutants and other chemicals.

Thanking Dr. Sudhakar G Reddy for visiting Sri City and sharing very valuable tips that promote sustainability, Mr. Ravindra said,” Practicing and promotion of the sustainability initiatives will certainly result in energy reduction and avoidance of wasteful energy costs in any institution.”

“Globally, it is the need of the hour to save energy, reduce water, and cut wastage of resources, and it is our earnest duty to participate in such sustainability programmes,” he added.